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Counseling On Demand

Feb 23, 2018

Lots of stuff in life causes us stress.  This episode reveals two methods to deal with stress today.

To deal with stress, the brain goes into a mode of disconnect and alarm.  You need to reconnect with the here and now.

The first technique is the Five Senses Technique.  This helps re- establish the senses.  Use your five senses to identify things around you.  You're telling your brain to reconnect to what's happening.

Look around and label five things you can see.  It doesn't matter what they are. 

Then identify four things you can hear.  Again, it can be anything

3 things you can feel.  This connects your mind to what you're sitting on and touching. 

2 things you can smell.  This one is more challenging because we tend to notice only the obvious smells.  Taking the time to notice smells helps you reconnect. 

1 thing you can taste

The next technique is a breathing technique.  Breathing techniques can be powerful.  Breathing is the first and last thing we'll do in our lives.  It's totally integral.  People with anxiety, stress, and ptsd sometimes don't breath well.

Breath in for five to six seconds.  Take a big breath.  Open yourself up and expand your lungs.  Lungs need room, so pull your shoulders back and stick your chest out.  Breath in for 5 or 6 seconds and hold it for 2 or 3.  Then let it fall out.  Don't push it out.  Do a minimum of 10 breaths.

You'll struggle for the first 5 or 6 but by the time you get to 7 or 8, focus your mind on something that makes you happy.  A place, or a person, or a thing that makes you happy.

Counseling on Demand offers expert level family and marriage counseling.  We all know that raising children and maintaining relationships can be tough.  Whether you're dealing with divorce, separation, abuse, or are just trying to get your family running at top speed, these episodes are invaluable. 

Counseling on Demand is helpful for keeping your mental health strong.  There is also great information for dealing with depression.  You can find Fred Riley him at Riley Individual, Family, and Marriage Counseling