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Counseling On Demand

Mar 21, 2018

This episodes analyzes another primary personality style and how to respond to it.

The thinker is a personality style that likes to be accurate.  They want to be confident in what they share with you.  You might ask them a question and have to wait several seconds for a response.  They're analyzing and thinking.  You may expect a quick response, but the response may not be so obvious to the thinker.

In their life they have benefited from thinking, so they have a lot of mental processes they go through to ensure accuracy in their interactions and decisions.

A lot of people with depression and anxiety are thinkers.

One of the best things you can do is to allow a 5-7 second buffer.  Wait for it.  When they're allowed to have that time to go through their decision tree, it's better for them.

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