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Counseling On Demand

Mar 30, 2018

Are you quick to anger?  Do you know someone who is always angry?

How do you manage that?

Your body responds to stimuli that is upsetting to us way before we even recognize it.

How does your body show that you're angry?  Do you make fists?  Do your nostrils flair?  Do you pace?  Click a pen?  Clench your jaw?  Rub your hands together?

When your body gets up regulated, it shows signs.  When that happens you're ready to make an emotional decision, not an intellectual decision.

You need to remove yourself from the situation.  When you're aware you're becoming up regulated, if you stay around the stimuli it won't be good.  

For every minute you're upset, you need two minutes to come down.

Ask people what you're like when you're angry.  Listen to what they describe.

You have to be real about the situation and be willing to remove yourself from the situation.

Counseling on Demand offers expert level family and marriage counseling.  We all know that raising children and maintaining relationships can be tough.  Whether you're dealing with divorce, separation, abuse, or are just trying to get your family running at top speed, these episodes are invaluable. 

Counseling on Demand is helpful for keeping your mental health strong.  There is also great information for dealing with depression.  You can find Fred Riley him at Riley Individual, Family, and Marriage Counseling