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Counseling On Demand

Apr 30, 2018

Our bad habits can become like anchors in our life.  They can feel good and important to us, but they actually interfere with our ability to move forward.

Fred Riley likes to use animals as a way to explain concepts.  There is a village in Africa that reveres the baboon.  For a few weeks out of the year, they bring fruit into the middle of the village to serve the baboons.  The baboons get to feast.  

Tourists like to come to the village to see this festival and the baboons assume the tourists belongings are also for them.  So they end up attacking visitors.

The village came up with a way to catch and remove problem baboons.

They built a box with a hole in the top.  Attached to the box is a chain.  in the box they put a piece of fruit.  The baboon is able to reach in and grab the fruit.  This fruit represents some of the habits that can slow us down but that we have the right to.

The baboon's hand is small enough to get into the box, but the hole is not big enough for the animal to withdraw the fruit.

We have the right to that habit, but if we hold on to it, we're stuck.

Counseling on Demand offers expert level family and marriage counseling.  We all know that raising children and maintaining relationships can be tough.  Whether you're dealing with divorce, separation, abuse, or are just trying to get your family running at top speed, these episodes are invaluable. 

Counseling on Demand is helpful for keeping your mental health strong.  There is also great information for dealing with depression.  You can find Fred Riley him at Riley Individual, Family, and Marriage Counseling