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Counseling On Demand

Apr 30, 2018

Our bad habits can become like anchors in our life.  They can feel good and important to us, but they actually interfere with our ability to move forward.

Fred Riley likes to use animals as a way to explain concepts.  There is a village in Africa that reveres the baboon.  For a few weeks out of the year, they bring...

Apr 27, 2018

Our tone will follow our perspective.  So developing a nurturing voice means developing a perspective for those who are around us and a greater awareness of ourselves.

Ask yourself: "Why am I seeing this or why am I hearing this?"  You don't have to agree what's happening with that person, but you need to ask that...

Apr 25, 2018

Here is another decision making technique that helps us get a good idea of what we need to do even when there is a lot of things weighing in on us.

Write a letter to yourself as the "older, wiser self".  Think about a successful place in your life five or ten years down the road.  Picture yourself in a new home, with...

Apr 23, 2018

In Utah, one in five children will be victims of sexual abuse.  That's a shocking number.  Add in emotional and physical abuse and trauma is something that we really need to think about.

Trauma makes people feel weak.  People think they let it bother them too much or that they're overreacting.  You may think others...

Apr 20, 2018

You've been in a restaurant and noticed your spouse totally disconnected.  Maybe you've seen people that should be connected, but they're totally not.  Their face is down in a device.

Letting a device interrupt a moment sends a message of rejection.

Even if you think you're paying attention and even if you can talk back...