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Counseling On Demand

Mar 30, 2018

Are you quick to anger?  Do you know someone who is always angry?

How do you manage that?

Your body responds to stimuli that is upsetting to us way before we even recognize it.

How does your body show that you're angry?  Do you make fists?  Do your nostrils flair?  Do you pace?  Click a pen?  Clench your jaw?  Rub your...

Mar 28, 2018

If you're in a relationship that's about to end or are you wondering if it time to move on?

When you talk about ending a relationship, in a way the relationship is dying.  We never talk about it that way, but it really can feel that way.

Sometimes your relationship is already dead.

Fred Riley always has a few questions...

Mar 26, 2018

Doers can be intimidating.  

Doers have definite opinions and they're not afraid to share them.  The'll keep conversations brief and to the point.  

Doers communicate by eye contact.  It can be intimidating.  To a doer, eye contact is nothing but respect.  They can't stand it when you avoid eye contact with them.  


Mar 23, 2018

Expressives talk with their hands. They have to touch and move.

You can always know an expressive if you ask them to sit on their hands.  They hate that.

An expressive will want to talk with their hands and touch you.  That might drive you nuts.

With a doer, communication comes through the yes, the...

Mar 21, 2018

This episodes analyzes another primary personality style and how to respond to it.

The thinker is a personality style that likes to be accurate.  They want to be confident in what they share with you.  You might ask them a question and have to wait several seconds for a response.  They're analyzing and thinking.  You...